McGuinness sees Clinton advisers


The Sinn Fein chief negotiator and Mid-Ulster MP, Mr Martin McGuinness, yesterday put forward "ideas and suggestions" to President Clinton's advisers on the critical situation now reached in the peace process.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Mr McGuinness refused to divulge what the proposals were. He said to do so could be "detrimental" to any intervention by President Clinton in the coming days.

The President had intervened in the past at critical times in the peace process, and "I have no doubt whatsoever that he will do the same this time," Mr McGuinness said.

Asked about the failsafe legislation introduced yesterday in the British parliament, Mr McGuinness said Sinn Fein was seeking "legal advice" on it. But the Sinn Fein view was that it was pandering to rejectionist unionists". "We in Sinn Fein believe it is possible to take all the guns, British and Irish, out of Irish politics. There is a sensible way to do it and people need to be very, very aware that introducing legislation that effectively moves the roadblock up the road is a very, very dangerous thing."

Asked if the IRA might make a statement this week, Mr McGuinness said he did not know what they would do. "But the IRA must be watching these events with considerable interest and will make their own decision, and that is a matter for themselves." Mr McGuinness said he believed the unionists would form an executive this week.