'Irish Times' to change in look and size


‘The Irish Times’ is enhancing the newspaper and its journalism at a time of rapid digital development, writes Kevin O'Sullivan, Editor.

From tomorrow, The Irish Times will change in look and size. Most significantly, our journalism will be strengthened to better serve our readers from Monday to Friday, and to do so in a distinctive way at the weekend.

Renowned designers Palmer Watson have joined us in redesigning the newspaper to make it more modern, more readable, and more convenient to consume by virtue of being a little narrower in size.

We have talked to readers, regular and occasional, about how they read the paper, their preferences and what engages them. We have taken on board research on the case for change in presentation of our journalism today, particularly in response to how people consume news through a wide variety of devices and yet retain an affinity for print.

The Irish Times is serving more and more readers in a rapidly emerging digital world but we believe an outstanding newspaper, and its approach to generating journalism, has an important place in that turbulent, constantly changing mix.

That is why we are improving our newspaper and at the same time accelerating digital development while providing journalism to our readers in tune with their lifestyle.

The daily news digest or summary will move from the side of the front page to the bottom, to allow for better display of Irish Times photographs and lead stories. The carefully thought-out design means we will still cover a wide range of stories.

The smarter look in print will be complemented by more extensive, original journalism from our reporters, correspondents and feature writers. That is what our readers cherish most.

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