Most areas to enjoy dry weekend, but rain is on the way

Saturday to see the best of the remaining calm weather with highs of 18 degrees

People enjoying the sun this week on Portmarnock beach in Dublin. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

People enjoying the sun this week on Portmarnock beach in Dublin. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins


Saturday and Sunday look set to be dry and calm through most of the country, but rain is on the horizon from Monday onwards, according to Met Éireann.


The weather forecast looks overcast and cloudy for most of Friday, with spells of rain to continue through the day. Average temperatures will be 14-19 degrees.

The weekend temperatures will not reach the scorching heights of mid-week, but initial forecasts show most areas will remain dry, with patches of cloud and some breeze.


Temperatures on average across the country on Saturday and Sunday will be 15 -19 degrees.

In Dublin on Saturday temperatures will hit a high of 18 degrees. The capital should see a mix of sunny spells and cloud through most of the day, with a risk of some small rain showers in the morning.

The rest of Leinster will have much the same weather as Dublin, with the highest average temperature about 18 degrees. The southeast of Wexford and Waterford will see good spots of sun throughout Saturday.

The west of Ireland will have a higher chance of rain, with Met Éireann predicating Munster and Connacht will have less sun through Saturday. Temperatures in Munster will be 14-19 degrees, but winds and breeze will be strong coming across the province from the west.

Connacht and Ulster will be much the same, with spells of sun and a small chance of rain.


Sunday will also be dry for most parts of the country, with small patches of light rain and drizzle along the west coast. Top temperatures are set to be 14-19 degrees on average. Sunday will by and large be cloudier than Saturday.


The dry patch of weather over the last week is set to come to a halt on Monday, as Met Éireann predicts rain will move in from the Atlantic on Sunday night.

Most will wake up on Monday morning to rain, which will develop into heavy showers in most parts through the day. Temperatures are set to dip to 12 degrees and skies will be overcast.