Greens seeking Nama changes


Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Eamon Ryan has said the Green Party wants the planned National Asset Management Agency to be open to regular scrutiny by the Dáil.

In addition to wanting TDs to have an oversight role on the agency’s financial dealings, Mr Ryan said his party is still seeking a number of amendments to the legislation governing Nama.

In an interview on RTÉ Radio today, Mr Ryan also said he expects the Government to increase its ownership of the country’s banks following the introduction of Nama.

“We already have a very significant ownership of the banking system and in my mind we will have an increased ownership,” he said.

“So we actually will be a shareholder for a period of time in our banks. And I think that allows us to say to the banks we want you to come back with a strategic plan.”

He also said he wants to see strict controls to ensure the funds given to banks and other institutions are reinvested in small and medium businesses, research and other measures to boost the economy.

Mr Ryan additionally called for changes in the Nama Bill to include the provision for a social dividend.