Focus Ireland launches campaign


A charity is launching a major national advertising campaign to smash common stereotypes about homeless people.

The TV and radio campaign by Focus Ireland also calls for more volunteers and encourages people to lobby the Government through their local TDs.

The 'Without Your Home Your Life Develops Differently' campaign explains how ordinary people can become homeless through depression, family break-up, drug and alcohol addiction or domestic violence.

Focus Ireland chief executive Declan Jones said homelessness is a complex problem and there are no "one size fits all" solution.

"We must work hard to create a better understanding of the issues among people to generate more public and political support for long-term measures to prevent homelessness."

The campaign, which begins tomorrow, urges people to log onto the Focus Ireland website and download a letter to their TDs to call for specific action on homeless issues.

Other online options including making a donation, volunteering or even taking part in a fundraising event.