Fine Gael calls for 'war' on British nuclear industry


Fine Gael leader, Mr Enda Kenny has called on the government to declare immediate and unconditional "war" on the British nuclear industry.

Speaking onboard Greenpeace's ship, the Rainbow Warrioron Sir John Rogerson's Quay in Dublin today, Mr Kenny urged the Taoiseach to use his "close working relationship" with British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair to step up the Irish campaign against Sellafield.

"The Taoiseach must demand that the invitation issued last year by British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) to Ireland's experts" the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland to visit Sellafield, be honoured.

We need to gain an Irish perspective of prevailing conditions, he said.

Mr Kenny highlighted that five years ago, the government promised to campaign to have Sellafield shut down. "Their spectacular lack of success means that we now have more - not less - of a threat with the opening of the mixed oxide (MOX) facility".

"The Government must discover as a matter of national urgency, whether BNFL has taken the advice of the numerous experts to increase its security spend," he said.

He outlined how the plant is vulnerable by road, sea, air, rail and pedestrian access and was clearly a threat to international terrorism.

Mr Kenny added that he was not happy to put the lives of any Irish children, including his own, in the hands of BNFL.