Chatter Box


TWITTER: The annual conference format does not work any more for teachers. Leadership and imagination needed. Doing them more harm than good now. @GemmaMGHussey

Ah the TUI, always the most reactionary and out of touch of the teacher unions. @shanedonegal

Minister reminded from floor that this is an education conference and not an opportunity to canvas for EU referendum #asti12 @levdavidovic

Precarious and undignified introduction to the career of teaching does nothing to sustain passion and commitment of teachers #asticonv ASTI @astiunion


Anyone listening to the pontifications of teachers and their union representatives at this week’s conferences could be forgiven for imagining that they live on another planet. Are they really so cossetted and sheltered from reality that they believe that reversing the cuts is a viable demand? Permabear

I’m sick and tired of the unions threatening us. Another day, another threat. If only they had the same aggression/conviction when it came to reform . . . Dannyboy83

Teachers are aware of the economic crisis seeing as most of us can barely cover rent, bills etc with what we earn! It’s the politicians that live the life off all their allowances that need a reality check! Hungergamer

Seems to me the union and talking heads care more about the payscale and allowances of the permanent staff than the struggles of the new staff. It’s tough for new staff, struggling to get hours and spending years in temporary employment. A struggle. MikeMac1