Adams critical of call for clarification on statement


Sinn Fein president, Mr Gerry Adams has hit out at the British and Irish governments' call for clarification of a confidential IRA statement on theorganisation's future.

British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair and the Taoiseach Mr Ahern had earlier posed newquestions to the republican leadership following a statement delivered to thetwo governments.

During a day of frantic diplomatic activity, the US special adviser on Northern Ireland, Mr Richard Haas, had talks in Stormont with UlsterUnionist leader Mr David Trimble and nationalist SDLP leader Mr Mark Durkan.

It is also understood that General John de Chastelain, the head of theinternational decommissioning body, is back in his Belfast office awaitingcontact with the IRA.

Tonight Mr Adams said the Provisional IRA had forwarded a detailed statementsetting out its view of the current phase of the peace process.

He added: "This was accomplished in the most difficult circumstances,compounded by the leaking and misleading briefing to the media on earlier draftsand concepts which had been shared with the two governments.

"I have seen and read closely the IRA statement. It is clear andunambiguous. The two governments have acknowledged that the IRA statement is positive," he said.

"I therefore find it incredible they have not acted on the basis of thisunprecedented intervention," he added.

Mr Adams said: "If their request for clarification is, as they claim, agenuine attempt to advance matters at this point then all obstacles to progressshould be removed."