What’s hot and what’s not this week?

Forget ‘The Revenant’ and fancy doughnuts, and focus on sorting out your festival schedule


Happn The dating app pings when you've crossed paths with someone. No more expanding into British airspace after exhausting local scope on Tinder

Festival planning The time for line-up cross-referencing and crew-assembling is now

'Billions' Damian Lewis is a billionaire hedge funder and Paul Giamatti plays the US Attorney in Showtime's new Wall Street soap


Vintage vape rooms Temple Bar vaping emporium with a speakeasy feel

Skipping 'The Revenant' "Punishing" "masculine" "gruelling", aka, 2½ hours of lads grimacing on a mountain

Banjo & Bovril Excellent trad fest at the Harbour Bar in Bray this weekend

Nike Tech Knit Especially the pocket tee (news.nike.com/news/nike-tech-knit- unveiling)


Dream: snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan.
Reality: Crying outside Crif Dogs

Sugar rush Ads for chocolate pizza, chocolate fries. Have the junk chains learned nothing?

Twitter A sense of a scramble this week as top executives leave

High maintenance doughnuts On-the-go treats shouldn't mean a pile of napkins and gooey hands

Capes + weather Transformed into Bishop Brennan with one gust of wind

Verified by Visa We will vote for anyone who simplifies this process

Name a roach $10 to name one of Bronx Zoo's Madagascar hissing cockroaches after your loved one this Valentines. We'd prefer dinner in Bastible