If you only watch one thing this weekend . . .


Let it be Domini Cooks, a new series of videos on irishtimes.com

IN THIS SERIES of online demonstrations, Domini Kemp brings us into her home and kitchen and shares her top tips.

Cooking the perfect steak

Buy good meat; season it well; use a hot pan and let it rest after cooking. You know the rules. Now see how it is done to perfection.

Domini explains the science of browning, why you need to be patient, and how a knob of butter will lift it out of the ordinary. Cooking the Perfect Steak is the first in a collection of three-minute videos dealing with useful techniques and some kitchen magic.

Other videos will deal with the following topics:

Taking the mystery out of mussels.Buying them, cleaning them and serving them in simple style.

The three minute meal – it really is possible.Watch Domini makes supper for families in a hurry.

How to make brilliant mayonnaise – every time – and how to fix it when it’s going wrong.

A cook is only as good as her knives.How to choose the right blades and how to keep them sharp.

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