Vegetarian pulled pork: super quick, affordable and really nutritious

Frugal feasts: Go bananas for chef Anna Haugh’s dish which is perfect for serving with chips and reducing food waste

Vegetarian pulled pork? Yep, you read that right, and now let me tell you what I use instead of pork – banana skins. Although it might sound like a bananas idea, you’ll have to trust me here that they are a really great ingredient to use.

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First, they are something most families will have plenty of at home, so this is a brilliant way of reducing food waste, they also work as a blank canvas, ready to take on flavours and have a good texture. This dinner is a go-to in my house, it’s not only super quick and affordable but also really nutritious, packed with potassium and fibre.

The key is to use bananas that are yellow with a hint of green. You can store banana skins in the fridge while your family work their way through enough bananas to make a meal. You need roughly two large banana skins per person but the more the merrier.

I love to serve this with baby potatoes roasted in some salt and oil or chips, with extra cabbage slaw on the side.


Recipe: Vegetarian pulled pork and slaw burger