Three simple and tasty party foods

Save time during the busiest time of the year with these delicious recipes that can double up as starters

December is the time of year for gathering with friends and family, and reminiscing about the year just passed (and the year ahead). If you are lucky, it will be over dinner and that champagne you have saved for a special occasion (although I’m a firm believer that champagne is always appropriate when meeting friends).

If you are like me, then December will also be your busiest time of year, both professionally and personally, and although you may want to have your friends over for some drinks and party food, you might just not have the time to prepare a banquet.

Here are some of my very simple, but very tasty party foods, which are perfect for having with some bubbles, and also can double up as starters for a larger meal. With the quiche and vol-au-vents, you can of course make your own pastry, but you can also buy it, and spend the extra time perfecting your party trick.

I use St Tola goat’s cheese in my quiche, as it’s creamy and has a beautiful flavour. Picked crabmeat is available in most supermarkets and fishmongers (just be sure to run it through your fingers to remove any lingering shell), and the confit duck leg can be substituted for any other protein (or a vegetarian or vegan alternative).


Recipe: Goat’s cheese, red pepper and caramelised onion quiche

Recipe: Crab vol-au-vents

Recipe: Duck spring rolls, tomatillo salsa