TV preview: Seven things to watch on television this week

Christy Moore takes a personal journey through the history of modern Ireland; the stars turn out fot the IFTAs; and Cloch Le Carn replays the highlights of broadcaster Bill O’Herlihy

Christy Moore: Journey, Sunday, RTÉ One, 9.30pm

Christy Moore: Journey, Sunday, RTÉ One, 9.30pm


Christy Moore: Journey
Sunday, RTÉ One, 9.30pm
If you were planning to take a trip through the history of modern Ireland, who would be the perfect musical companion? Christy Moore: Journey is a very personal film in which the singer-songwriter takes a long look back at the events of the past 50 years which have shaped our nation, interpreting Ireland’s recent history in song and interview. This two-part film is made by Mark McLoughlin, who has won awards for his human rights documentaries, and promises to be an entertaining and enlightening voyage into the past, with plenty of lessons for the future.

Wild Things
Sunday, Sky 1, 7pm

We’re not big on game shows, but Wild Things is ridiculous enough to tempt you to tune in. Contestants dressed in woodland animal costumes. Silly challenges such as Whack a Mole in the Rotten Woods. A beaver being attacked by a swarm of bees. And Irish comedian Jason Byrne co-presenting. Right, I’m in.

Ifta Film and Drama Awards 2016
Sunday, TV3, 9pm

The stars of Irish screen will be out in force for the Ifta Film and Drama Awards 2016 . The 13th annual awards will be presented by comedienne and actress Deirdre O’Kane and held at the Round Room of the Mansion House in Dublin. Brooklyn, Room and Sing Street are among the nominees for Best Film, while Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Bradley and Saoirse Ronan are among the Best Actor and Actress nominees. An Klondike, Game of Thrones, Rebellion, Vikings and Penny Dreadful battle it out for best Irish-made TV series.

The Sky at Night
Sunday, BBC Four, 10pm
Following the recent detection of gravitational waves, black holes may be no longer be exclusively in the realm of science fiction. No one has ever seen a black hole, but gravitational waves offer proof that these mysterious objects really exist. That’s good news for one particular scientist who has been on a lifelong quest to unravel the enigma of black holes. Stephen Hawking is the guest on a special edition of The Sky at Night, sharing his insights and ideas gathered from a lifetime of studying one of the most fascinating phenomena in the universe.

Cloch Le Carn
Monday, RTÉ One, 7.30pm
It takes a lot of stamina to compete in international sports, but no sports star could match the energy and commitment of Bill O’Herlihy, who was there for every great moment in Irish sport, and who tirelessly brought insightful commentary to our screens. Not only that, but he also ran his own successful PR company, and was enthusiastically planning a new TV series up to the time of his death in May 2015, aged 76. In a special episode of Cloch Le Carn, the highlights of his life are replayed, including his peerless coverage of Italia ’90, USA ’94, the Saipan saga and Katie Taylor’s Olympic gold medal win.

Tuesday, RTÉ Two, 10.55pm
A return of the time-jumping series starring Irish actress Caitriona Balfe as wartime nurse Claire Randall, torn between two lovers in two different centuries. If you’ve seen series one, you’ll know the story: on holiday in Scotland with her husband Frank in 1945, Claire is magically whisked back to 1743, just as the Jacobite war is brewing. There she meets the dashing Jamie, but also encounters a nasty ancestor of her husband. It’s been described as Downton Abbey with kilts, or a slower-paced Game of Thrones (without the dragons). As series two opens, Claire has returned to the 20th century, but there’s still unfinished business back in 18th-century Scotland.

The Five
Friday, Sky 1, 9pm & 10pm
Twelve-year-old friends Mark, Danny, Pru and Slade are playing in the park, but Mark’s little brother Jesse has tagged along and become a serious nuisance. If only he would just get lost . . . Harlan Coben’s The Five is a new crime series created by one of the world’s most celebrated thriller writers. The action moves forward 20 years after Jesse’s mysterious disappearance. Danny is now a detective, and he is shocked to discover Jesse’s DNA at a murder scene. Jesse is alive, but what has he become? And what does he want? The series, scripted by Danny Brocklehurst, promises plenty of shocks, twists and turns to keep audiences hooked.