Going coastal

4 of 704 lights up a stretch of coast with an eerie, effective show


4 of 704
Sandymount Strand (meet at Cáilín Bán sculpture)
Anything that combines this festival-goer’s twin passions of silent-disco headphones and Dublin Bay has the makings of a great Fringe event.

4 of 704 sets out to make “visual and tangible things that go unnoticed”, and it succeeds in this, bringing into focus the twinkling industrial lights of the city’s shoreline and marrying them with the candlelit lanterns along the beach and the music playing through individual headsets, sampled from the sounds of the coast.

It is high tide, one of an average of 704 a year, and to the left of the disused Sandymount baths, three illuminated metal cages bob in the swell, each using a barrel of dye to mark garments with the ebb and flow of the sea.

They are eerie, but more in the vein of Doctor Who than evoking “our vulnerability in the face of rising sea levels” – and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Tonight at a minute to midnight

Emma Somers