This week's reissue CD reveiwed


Pablo Honey ***

The Bends *****

OK Computer ***** EMI

With these extensive reissues (alongside the original albums are B-sides, sessions, rare tracks and DVD discs of live performances, TV slots and promo videos), that sound you hear is the barrel at the bottom of EMI’s garden being royally scraped. Radiohead might not like the manner in which their back catalogue is being revisited, but this luxurious trio constitutes the period of the band’s greatest contribution to unashamed classic rock. Pablo Honey, their 1993 debut, laid some notable groundwork, and The Bends(1995) perfectly fused art-rock with stunning songwriting. OK Computer(1997) was the start of their fragmentation, but what glittering grace notes they splintered into. What followed was the anti- commercial shakedown of Kid A, but that’s a different story, from virtually a different band.

Download tracks: Anyone Can Play Guitar (Pablo Honey), Fake Plastic Trees (The Bends), No Surprises (OK Computer)