Young Fathers: White Men Are Black Men Too | Album Review

White Men Are Black Men Too
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Artist: Young Fathers
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Big Dada

The creative tensions and tussles at the heart of Young Fathers’ music is quite thrilling.

The Mercury Music Prize-winning Edinburgh trio are squarely in thrall to pop’s multifaceted shapes, but they’re also keen to provoke with themes and topics most pop acts rarely approach.

It all makes for a record which is brave and bright, full of mesmerising musical endorphins such as Shame, as well as fearless musings on racism (Old Rock'n'Roll), fatalism (27) and various other isms.

What's interesting too are the musical shift from where the band started out, which is evident on tracks Dare Me and Liberated, as Young Fathers move steadily away from the hip-hop hinterland of previous releases.


As melting pots go, this is a warming, soulful, pleasing affair.