Wallis Bird - Home review: Wallis wears her heart on her sleeve

Thu, Sep 29, 2016, 14:25



Wallis Bird

Mount Silver/Caroline International

Singer / Songwriter

Wallis Bird is in love. You might have already guessed that by the cover art of her fifth album, which sees her embracing her partner. Contained within are some of the most honest, tenderest, heart-on-sleeve love songs the Wexford woman has committed to tape, from the bare-faced, chest-bursting happiness of That Leads the Way to the stark, sean-nós-style title track.

After indulging in the electronic end of the spectrum on parts of her last album (Architect), Bird retains that sense of experimentation with the burbling undercurrent of Odom, the looped, layered vocals of The Deep Reveal and the passionate stomp of Control.

At its heart, though, Home is an eclectic pop record that ticks every box. It also might just be her best yet.