Ultan Conlon: Songs of Love So Cruel

Fri, Sep 20, 2013, 00:00


Songs of Love So Cruel

Ultan Conlon

DarkSideOut Records

Singer / Songwriter

Now here’s a misleading album title. Ultan Conlon’s second record may suggest the sort of ominous, doom-laden fare that Nick Cave is known for, but there’s no darkness or malice to these tunes. Which is a shame, because the Galway man is in desperate need of some drama, both musically and lyrically. Songs of Love So Cruel plods along in a rather dull fashion, lacing Conlon’s inoffensive strummed acoustic folk with blues (The Lumberjack, You and Me) and rock (A Place of Sanctuary) until it eventually hits upon something ear-catching. Bristlecone Pines injects both purpose and murkiness to proceedings, and while it’s swiftly followed by the sweet country twang of Lonely Avenue, momentum soon fizzles out once again. Lacking spark and innovation, this is an unfortunately limp collection. ultanconlon.com
Download: Bristlecone Pines, Lonely Avenue