The Naked and Famous: In Rolling Waves

Fri, Oct 4, 2013, 00:00


In Rolling Waves

The Naked and Famous



The thrilling Young Blood put The Naked and Famous on the map in 2010 and gave the Aucklanders a passport to explore the electro, pop and alt.rock hinterland. It also gave them a benchmark to aim for, and there are many attempts to hit the same heights again on In Rolling Waves. The Naked and Famous are best at putting drama in the music, so you have a procession of extra-large tunes full to the brim with broody emo-electro, monster chords, saccharine vocals and booming peaks. What’s missing in all of this are some decent tunes and the lack of really strong, infectious hooks, leaving means there are too many characters in search of a plot. Hearts Like Ours is probably the nearest they come to getting the boom-tune formula right, but that’s not really a great return for a second album.
Download: Hearts Like Ours