The Italian Job classical album review: Made and played in Italy

Wed, Mar 22, 2017, 16:15


The Italian Job

La Serenissima; Adrian Chandler; Gail Hennessy; Rachel Chaplin; Peter Whelan; Antonio Caldara; Arcangelo Corelli; Giuseppe Tartini; Antonio Vivaldi; Tomaso Albinoni; Giuseppe Torelli



This new disc’s snappy name covers a collection of baroque music by seven composers from four Italian cities: Venice (Albinoni, Caldara, Vivaldi), Bologna (Torelli), Padua (Tartini) and Rome (Corelli).

The delights here range from the scrunchy certainties of Corelli’s Sinfonia to Santa Beatrice d’Este, to Vivaldi’s chomping energy in a Concerto alla rustica, the dancing bear gyrations of Peter Whelan in his Bassoon Concerto in C, RV467, and the beautiful mixture of calmness and florid decoration in the central movement of Torelli’s Violin Concerto in E.

The most splendid sounds are in the opening and closing sinfonias by Caldara and Torelli, the latter in predominantly fanfarish mode.