The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody – Painting themselves into a silly corner

Oczy Mlody
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Artist: The Flaming Lips
Genre: Alternative
Label: Bella Union

Whether you enjoy The Flaming Lips' 15th album or not will mostly depend on your tolerance for silliness. At times, Oczy Mlody sounds like Wayne Coyne and co have painted themselves into corner, forced to get wackier and more outlandish with every release because that's what's expected of them. As such, songs like There Should Be Unicorns ("The ones with purple eyes, not the green eyes"), Galaxy I Sink and Listening to the Frog with Demon Eyes are eye-rollingly self-indulgent, Coyne's nonsensical lyrics not a little cringeworthy. One Night While Hunting . . . and Almost Home (Blisko Domu) offer something with a little more substance, retaining the band's fun sense of experimentalism without descending into puerility. Overall, however, it's hard to imagine this album soundtracking anything other than various states of intoxication.