Tebi Rex: The Young Will Eat the Old review – Maynooth hip-hop brims with promise

The Young Will Eat The Old
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Artist: Tebi Rex
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Self-Released

“It’s a shame so few stay true to the end,” says Natalya O’Flaherty as we approach Act II of Tebi Rex’s colossal debut, The Young Will Eat the Old. The Dublin-based poet appears on the record as an oracle, detailing – in three acts – the downfall of a man whose “art was his calling” before celebrity consumed him and fatherhood delivered a new set of expectations. In essence this is a concept album underpinned by the highs and lows of success.

Across 12 tracks, which venture between vibrant and volatile tones, the Maynooth hip-hop duo draw inspiration from Greek mythology (specifically Kronos, who feared being overthrown by his children) along with Tyler, The Creator, tropical-tinged instrumentation and nods to Prince via sleek guitar licks on It's Better. These varied elements are dutifully anchored by Max Zanga and Matt O's assured voices.

There’s something for all moods; Lotus Eater’s smooth looped melody is ideal after a tiring day, while Robbin Szn’s pulsating beat manifests like a vitamin supplement bubbling in a glass of water.

An invigorating debut brimming with promise of what’s to come.