Taylor McFerrin: Early Riser

Early Riser
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Artist: Taylor McFerrin
Genre: Electronic
Label: Brainfeeder

Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label has become a five-star lodging for maverick musicians. So it makes sense for Brooklyn producer Taylor McFerrin to pitch up here. Early Riser smartly blurs the lines between a myriad of sounds without losing its footing. Soul and jazz grooves work out their kinks inbetween electronics, beats and psych shimmies, all contributing to a lovely, occasionally stunning drift from pillar to post. Postpartum is a good example of McFerrin's handiwork, its slow swell of keys and guitars shimmering away neatly, while Already There and The Antidote are richly embellished frameworks for showing his smarts as an arranger. Laced with cameos from McFerrin's father Bobby, Thundercat, Robert Glasper, Ryat and Nai Palm, Early Riser is music will make sense at any time of the day. twitter.com/taylormcferrin

Download: Postpartum, Already There