St Paul & the Broken Bones: Half the City

Fri, Jun 6, 2014, 00:00


Half the City

St Paul & The Broken Bones

Single Lock

R&B / Soul

St Paul frontman Paul Janeway was originally headed for a life in the church, which is perhaps why Half the City is downright righteous. Well, the pulpit’s loss is soul music’s gain, as Janeway’s raw holler ensures that this new-school, old-style soul album from the Birmingham, Alabama band sounds so punchy and right. Many reto-soul acts rely too heavily on recyled bells and whistles, but St Paul & the Broken Bones are geographically, creatively and spiritually rooted in the real thing. Prodded into place by producer Ben Tanner from the Alabama Shakes at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, the grooves and riffs on both slow-burners (Dixie Rothko) and stompers (Call Me) hum with feverish energy and excitement. Janeway, meanwhile, roars and shouts from the rooftops in that fabulous voice of his. The real deal.
Download: Dixie Rothko, Call Me