Conor Furlong: 2019-2023 – A perfect introduction to a studio hermit’s creative talents

Album encompasses a breadth of song styles that tip the hat to genres without slavishly sticking to rules

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Artist: Conor Furlong
Genre: Rock/Pop/Electronic
Label: Self-released

We are confidently guessing that not many people know who Conor Furlong is or what the music he makes is like. The reason? He is essentially a studio hermit who mulls over songs and the way they sound. He takes his time and is meticulous about what he releases, fusing his influences with a talent for polishing his songs until you can almost see yourself in them.

Furlong is also quite prolific, having released five solo albums in four years, but, as can be gleaned from the title, 2019-2023 is a compilation. It’s a good strategy for attracting the attention of people – radio playlisters and programmers possibly among them – who may not have the inclination to listen to the full records.

Featuring 22 tracks, the album encompasses a breadth of song styles (from dreamy guitar pop and ambient to rock and electronic) that tip the hat to genres without slavishly sticking to their rules.

There is wit, too, as the intro to We’re Listening to David Bowie proves (if you know, you know), while the sequencing of tracks (one instructive example of which is the segue between The Stars and Can I Make You Realise?) makes for an altogether more engaging listen throughout. As a taster of Furlong’s creative talents, 2019-2023 is an obvious choice. As a stand-alone album of tracks people may not have heard before, and that will assuredly pique their interest, it’s a winner.

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea

Tony Clayton-Lea is a contributor to The Irish Times specialising in popular culture