Raf Rundell - The Adventures of Selfie Boy Pt 1 album review: The Bear’s necessities

RAF RUNDELLThe Adventures of Selfie Boy Pt 1 ****1965 Records

The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1
    
Artist: Raf Rundell
Genre: Electronic
Label: 1965 Records

Raf Rundell is best known as one half of The 2 Bears, the electronic side project that he shares with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, and it is easy to see how his solo endeavour could be described as an offshoot. His debut mini-album utilises the same groove-heavy dynamics on Right Time, the clubby jitter of closing track Llama Farmer and the spaced-out Röysopp-style Cosmos Boss.

Others hint at a desire to break away from electronica, such as the rambunctious indie-rock of Carried Away and the glorious, rumbling plod of Shoppin' for a Shaman, the latter sounding like something Gruff Rhys would conjure up in a fug of smoke.

It's a taster that both piques interest for further adventures and ploughs a path to the dancefloor. facebook.com/rafrundell

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy is a freelance journalist and broadcaster. She writes about music and the arts for The Irish Times