Peter Delaney: Witch Bottle

Fri, May 10, 2013, 01:00


Witch Bottle

Peter Delaney

Out on a Limb

Singer / Songwriter

H H H Trad, folk and vintage Hawaiian recordings may not be the most obvious of musical bedfellows, but all three genres are evident in Peter Delaney’s distinctive style. The ukulele-toting Limerickman’s second studio album initially takes time to settle, but there’s much to enjoy once his quirky approach has been established. Delaney’s tenuous rasp of a voice commands songs such as My Rat Brain beautifully and discloses a lovely tenderness on The Becalming . Musically, however, the lack of variation can prove frustrating, despite his demonstrated ability to pluck, strum and tickle his miniature weapon of choice. So the addition of cello on A Maudlin Luna’Ula is welcome, as is the foot-stomping and wheeze of accordion on the epic The Guest . Delaney’s spartan style may prove polarising, but his sincerity can’t be faulted.
Download: The Guest, A Maudlin Luna’Ula