Newfound Sounds for May

Aoife Barry's shines a light on new Irish music - its new artists, new releases and new endeavours

With it being almost May, and thus the actual summer, I'm in quite a good mood here at New Found Sounds. And on this month's podcast, the overall mood is indeed positive – from the driving synths of Swords to the blissful hazy tones of
The Altered Hours.


Kicking off the podcast is Cork band Sans Chateaux, who reference the city’s River Lee on the track

Lee Inland

. Think indie pop influenced by the likes of Beirut and you’ll have an indication of how sweet their sound is. Their self-titled debut EP is released on April 27th.


The Altered Hours’

Sweet Jelly Roll

could be one of the singles of 2013 – it’s hypnotic, melodic and with a psychedelic, trippy vibe that it gives off harks back to Sixties psychedelia, but without sounding dated. The EP is out on April 29th on Anton Newcombe’s A Records.


It has been five years since Dublin’s The Dudley Corporation last released an album, but between them they have produced six children and one PhD since then, so we can’t say they’ve been lazy.

Everyone Does Everything Wrong

is due out on May 11th, and marks a change in direction for the band, with their stop- start sound of old being replaced with a heavier, driving energy, helped in no small part by the addition of a double bass-drum pedal.


Limerick’s Moscow Metro are releasing



Spirit of a City

this month, and their Joy Division-influenced post- punk sound is strong indeed. They’re currently working on their debut album,


Dubliners Swords have just released their single

All The Boys

, and their female-fronted sound is heavy on the synths and catchy choruses. They’re currently working on their debut album,

Lions and Gold,

which is due out in July.