Museum Of Love: Museum Of Love

Museum Of Love
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Artist: Museum Of Love
Genre: Electronic
Label: DFA

One expects certain things from a collaboration between LCD Soundsystem founder/drummer Pat Mahoney and fellow DFA/ Run Roc label luminary Dennis McNany. There are moments here when the duo stay within the musical fold as we'd expect, given their ties and alliances. But the album really zings with a difference when Museum of Love take a twist and a turn off the usual smart electro-pop road that. You can hear it in the contoured driving groove that propels The Large Glass; the widescreen pop sparks that light up In Infancy; and Mahoney's sweet David Byrne- esque vocals that make And All the Winners a little special. But Museum of Love are largely creatures of habit, and there's familiarly in the magentic jam of Down South and the solid, tricked-out drawl that dictates how Monotronic rolls.