Marketa Iglova: Muna

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Artist: Marketa Irglova
Genre: Alternative
Label: Anti

The Czech native's 2011 solo debut (Anar) was a relationships album. This follow-up is a spiritual walkabout that slowly unravels its wonders. Muna was recorded in Iceland, where Irglová now lives, and nods to that country's preeminent musical status. The opener, Point of Creation, is startling in its simplicity, while The Leading Bird has a hushed, hypnotic feel. Possible single Without a Map is prime melodic nu-folk. The standout here is Fortune Teller, a middle eastern-tinged affair that finds Irglová channelling her inner Lisa Gerrard. You will need time with Muna, but you'll be rewarded with some very beautiful music indeed. Iceland suits her well.