Lulu James: The Lulu show

Tanzania-born singer shows its not simply stylish music without substance

Artist: Lulu James

Venue: Little Big Tent

Date Reviewed: August 31st, 2013

Stars: ***

There are 15 people in the tent when Lulu James and her band walk onstage. This number includes the lad picking up the litter and two security men on their break. Little by little and song by song, the space begins to fill. No doubt the Tanzania-born, Newcastle-raised singer would happily take that as a decent metaphor for her career trajectory.

It’s swell post-everything soul music with hints of and hat-tips to an impressive gallery of singers and sounds. There are flickers and fringes of dubstep, electro, bass and jazz in the mix, but this is not simply stylish music without the substance, as there are also a bunch of fantastic tunes in there.

“Rope Mirage” is the one which the quickly filling tent respond to with the most fever. It’s a dashing, dark charmer, which draws you in and holds you close. She’ll be back – and we’re sure the first 15 people to see her in Ireland also will be.