Leonard Cohen: Live in Dublin

Live in Dublin
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Artist: Leonard Cohen
Genre: Singer / Songwriter
Label: Sony

“Tonight I’ll promise you that we’ll give you everything we’ve got . . .” And so Leonard Cohen and his merry men and women kicked off their show at Dublin’s (then) O2 on September 12th, 2013, another staging post on Cohen’s remarkable late-late journey of renewal.

They were true to their word. There are times when Cohen understandably sounds all of his (then) 78 years, though he never drops a line or loses a tune.

“You’re humouring me,” he taunts the wildly enthusiastic audience, but he was the one in control, dextrously weaving his way through classics and more recent gems in an epic 29-song set.

This boxset of three audio CDs and a HD DVD of the performance is perfectly pitched at the Christmas market, but it also documents one of music’s greatest figures at an unlikely artistic high. And in our town too.