Josie Nugent – Modal Citizen review: sweet sounds of east Clare

Thu, Apr 28, 2016, 20:30


Modal Citizen

Josie Nugent

Independent Release


Clare fiddler Josie Nugent has an intimate playing style that strikes at the heart of many of her tunes.

At her best, she lets the melody line lead the fiddle on fairy steps into the ether, where the weightlessness of the tune is everything. On Modal Citizen, she strikes at the elemental heart of the music of east Clare.

It’s a belly-deep sigh that seems to be rooted in centuries past, yet somehow manages to inhabit the contemporary world with vim.

Piper Brian Stafford contributes some fine accompaniment, as do percussionists Matt Weir and Mark Wilson. Nugent’s use of a Rhodes piano challenges preconceptions, with varying degrees of success.

Her vision is ever inventive though, and Mary Nugent’s flute is a lightning conductor that refocuses some tunes beautifully.