Jamie T: Carry on the Grudge

Fri, Sep 26, 2014, 00:00


Carry on the Grudge

Jamie T

Virgin EMI

Singer / Songwriter

One of several young British artists to be labelled unofficial poet laureate of the Millennial Generation, this 28-year-old Londoner has forged a reputation with just two albums. Jamie Treays’s third doesn’t vary wildly from his blueprint of streetwise snapshots and reflections on urban strife (Billy Bragg is a noted influence), but there are some diamonds lurking in the grime. The atmospheric Don’t You Find dabbles in layered electronica; the upbeat, brass- infused Trouble has a distinctive “1980s Brat Pack soundtrack” tang to its production; and the slouchy, snot-nosed pop-punk of Peter adds further depth to his canon. Momentum trails off with the soporific concluding tracks, but there’s plenty to keep heads nodding and arms defiantly aloft. jamie-Tt.com