In Their Thousands: Acrasia review – Stadium rock Donegal-style

Big ideas and lofty concepts are shoehorned into sonically adventurous pop-rock songs

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Artist: In Their Thousands
Genre: Rock
Label: Self-released

In Greek philosophy, Acrasia describes knowing what the correct course of action is but failing to act upon it, which just about nails humanity and everyday life.

Donegal’s In Their Thousands create a well-crafted blend of stadium rock that is surprisingly effective, without resorting to the bloodless or dull cliches that plague the genre. The title track is a thrilling statement of intent, which singer Ruairí Friel reportedly wrote on a napkin while waiting for a flight in Edinburgh.

In addition to shoehorning big ideas and lofty concepts into pop-rock songs, In Their Thousands do a curious mixture of infectiously catchy and sonically adventurous, steered by Donegal-based producer Tommy McLaughlin, a stalwart who has worked with Villagers, Bell X1 and Soak. As Acrasia builds, the refrain “I don’t want to waste the moment” builds in urgency, and there is a strong sense that this outfit won’t be indulging in any acrasia of their own.

All four members contribute vocals and combine with deft musicianship and a gift for melody, reminiscent of Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think and Jónsi of Sigur Rós.


In Their Thousands are being championed by the newly launched Play Irish platform. Hopefully, everything else will follow.