House Plants: Dry Goods – Vigorous bouncy electro-pop

Dry Goods
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Artist: HousePlants
Genre: Alternative
Label: Self-released

Paul Noonan and Daithí Ó Drónaí already had several irons in the fire before commencing work on this new project. Printer Clips features Noonan assembling a series of duets with various female artists from Joan As Policewoman to Martha Wainwright, while Ó Drónaí has come a long way as a prolific electronic artist since participating in RTÉ's The All-Ireland talent show in 2009.

Noonan and Ó Drónaí have revealed that they felt especially atomised as musicians during the long pandemic months, as members of a gregarious community who would usually see each other at gigs or nights like the Choice Music Prize. They report that their colleagues and contemporaries have been constantly checking in on each other throughout lockdown, which is heartening to hear as the music world tentatively emerges blinking into its brand new dawn.

Dry Goods is a vigorous collection of bouncy electro pop songs that contain tender melodies, such as the beautiful single Window Pane. Noonan’s voice constantly brings rich layers to every song. Ó Drónaí’s electronic engine room consistently delivers impeccably crafted and full-formed electronic arrangements.

The duo have remarked that this collection is screaming out to be performed live, which will certainly be something to savour and look forward to. However, Dry Goods is not merely another lockdown record. It’s just an excellent album, full stop.