Garth Brooks not coming to see play about Croke Park gigs

Despite recent media reports, US country singer will not be visiting Ireland next week


US country singer Garth Brooks has confirmed he will not be coming to Ireland next week to see a play about the debacle surrounding the cancellation of his five shows in Croke Park last year.

There were a number of media reports this week suggesting Brooks would make an appearance at the Dublin show.

Nancy Seltzer, from the public relations company Nancy Seltzer and Associates that represents Brooks, told The Irish Times the singer was not visiting Ireland next week.

“He is on tour and onstage in the US. Perhaps the person spreading these rumours is simply seeking publicity using all of you,” she said.

Darren Smith, the creator of the show Are you there Garth? It’s me, Margaret, had told the Irish Mirror earlier this week it would have been a good PR move for Brooks.

“He knows about the show and we have been told he’s very interested and wants to come and see it.

“I wouldn’t be stunned at all if we had a special visitor in a Stetson next week,” he said.

Peter Aiken, promoter the cancelled Croke Park shows in 2014, said in an interview with The Irish Times this summer he hoped the singer would return some day to play in Ireland.

“I hope Garth will come back sometime. No matter what people say about him he’s a very good guy. He never put me under any pressure. He must hold me responsible somewhere, but he’s a really, really good person,” he said.

Brooks sold out a record breaking five nights at the Dublin stadium. Following more than 300 objections from local residents, Dublin City Council rejected plans for two of the concerts.

Brooks subsequently said he would perform all five concerts in Croke Park or none at all.

In the end, Brooks cancelled all five concerts.