Enrico Zanisi Trio: Keywords

Fri, Feb 7, 2014, 00:00



Enrico Zanisi Trio



Pianist Enrico Zanisi doesn’t necessarily want to change the world. Those familiar with the lineage of the piano trio, stretching from Bill Evans through Keith Jarrett to Brad Mehldau, will recognise the aesthetic here: singing melodies and extended harmony blended in a cauldron of free-flowing grooves and group interplay. Okay, so Zanisi and his regular partners (bassist Joe Rehmer and drummer Alessandro Paternesi) are more likely to rock than swing, but it’s a loose, open kind of funk that leaves plenty of room for light and shade. Over it, the young Italian’s melodies have a crystalline clarity, uncluttered by gratuitous technique. There’s plenty under the hood, but it’s always put to the service of the music. If Zanisi keeps this up, he’ll be well on his way to adding to the trio lineage he reveres. camjazz.com