Eileen Tackney: Towards the Sun | Album Review

Fri, Jul 17, 2015, 03:30


Towards the Sun

Eileen Tackney



Two years ago, Cavan-based electronic music composer/arranger Eileen Tackney released her debut album, South. Commercially speaking, that direction is exactly where the record went, but Tackney – having long since given up dreaming about fame and fortune and such larks – has soldiered on regardless. 

Towards the Sun is the result of time spent fine-tuning South’s often beautiful but grandiose electronica rhythms. Where that album referenced slivers of Krautrock, Towards the Sun is more textured, far more contemporary in its outlook, and clearly more refined. Tracks such as Sirens, Dogstar and Renewal are radio gold if only certain ears nationwide would listen, while the title track (the album’s sole vocal, by Jo Beth Young) is quite simply a hit song waiting in the wings. eileentackney.com