Corrie Dick: Impossible Things - Album review

Fri, Nov 20, 2015, 00:00


Impossible Things

Corrie Dick

Chaos Collective


Drummer Corrie Dick’s conception of music is a generous and wide-ranging one, embracing the raucous and the sublime, the complex and the disarmingly simple, with the same sense of mischief and discovery.

As well as jazz, the rising Glasgow-born percussionist’s training has included studies in Morocco and Ghana, and he has also delved into Celtic music.

It all comes together on this impressive debut album. For his nine-piece “pocket” big band, Dick has assembled a cast of similarly rising talents on London’s contemporary scene – including vocalist Alice Zawadzki, trumpeter Laura Jurd, and saxophonist Joe Wright – and they deliver on the promise of the leader’s original compositions.

By turns folksy, rootsy, bluesy and indy, Impossible Things announces the arrival of a new and compelling voice in contemporary European jazz.