Buffalo Sunn: By the Ocean By the Sea

Fri, Oct 10, 2014, 02:02


By the Ocean by the Sea

Buffalo Sunn

Reekus Records


Twists and turns, swings and roundabouts. A band should always experience flux – not so much a case of not knowing what to do next as having the sense to take stock and reinvent if necessary. And so last year Dublin band Sweet Jane changed its name to Buffalo Sunn and altered its direction –from enjoyably sleazy guitar fuzz/pop to a swaggering Laurel Canyon vibe infected with a strain of tuneful, loud guitars. The result is a debut that at times veers close to Jesus & Mary Chain covers of Buffalo Springfield. But (and it’s a life-saving but) there is such a strong, intuitive sense of West Coast US music that repeated plays send any niggling doubts packing. reekus.com/artists/buffalosunn