Black Rivers: Black Rivers | Album Review

Black Rivers
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Artist: Black Rivers
Genre: Alternative
Label: Ignition Records

Jimi Goodwin laid down the gauntlet for solo projects with last year's excellent Odludek; now it's up to his Doves bandmates Jez and Andy Williams to keep pace. The brothers' own debut is a solid affair that occasionally gleams with promise, but it's understandably difficult to escape that very particular Doves sound. That's no bad thing: Voyager 1's zippy tempo, dreamy layers and subtle chord changes is a highlight. Elsewhere, they regress to their days with the Moroder-esque synths of The Ship and Harbour Lights, while the reflective-yet- brisk Coral Sea intriguingly incorporates Spanish guitar and the soft parp of brass. Some songs slink by unnoticed, but overall they've crafted a sturdy vessel that will keep them afloat for as long as they need it.