Ane Brun – Leave me Breathless album review: Superb cover album

Fri, Oct 6, 2017, 05:00


Leave me Breathless

Ane Brun

Balloon Ranger Recordings


Cover version albums released just in time for the reasonably lucrative Christmas market usually have a stink of cash-in about them, but leave it to Ane Brun to do things differently, and with more integrity.

The Norwegian-born, Swedish resident has fashioned a 14-track collection of other people’s songs that, initially, were to reference a feverish love affair. “When it ended,” says Brun, “I continued the project.”

It is perhaps cruel to state that Brun’s pain is our gain, but the range and delivery of covers here is as much eclectic as superb. From unlikely (Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is, Mariah Carey’s Hero, Radiohead’s How to Disappear Completely) to no-surprises (Bob Dylan’s Make you Feel my Love, Nick Cave’s Into My Arms), Brun uncovers emotional tics you never realised were there. Exquisite.