Young Hines


Give Me My ChangeLojinx ***

Of such things are dreams made: when friends of Stryker Hines were hired to paint Brendan Benson’s Nashville house, they happened to have one of Hines’s demos playing in the background. Before you could say “Jack White”, Benson invited Hines to his home studio, where Give Me My Change was forged. You have to smile at such serendipity; ditto with the songs, which, while not far removed from Benson’s own pure-power-pop approach, have very little problem channelling a somewhat gnarlier Beatlesque template. Sometimes it’s a tad too obvious – Just Say No (Sometimes) and Hold You and Scold You channel George Harrison, George Harrison and George Harrison – but overall this is a record that just about holds off the rain. Hines supports Benson on the latter’s Dublin show on May 24th.

Download tracks:Give Me My Change, Just Say No (Sometimes)