The Original Rudeboys


This LifeGotta Run Records **

Judging by their name, it might seem The Original Rudeboys are paying homage to 2-tone bands such as The Specials. But don’t be fooled: this young Dublin trio blend slick acoustic pop with heart-on-sleeve hip-hop. The problem is that their compounds often result in odd Frankensteins of songs that don’t quite work. Rob Burch’s smooth, Americanised vocals and easy-going guitar riffs are comparable to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Yet all too often, Sean “Neddy” Arkins’s strongly accented wordplay ruptures the song, resulting in a clumsy collision of two worlds. Travelling Man and Bringing Me Down shift between styles more fluidly than others, but it’s the same-same tempo, lyrical content and vocal delivery that sees This Life slump to an unfulfilling conclusion. See

Download tracks: Travelling Man, Bringing Me Down