Stevie Dunne


BanjoCladdagh Records ***

2012 was the year of the banjo, the bar set high by We Banjo 3 in particular. Stevie Dunne’s second album is a solid collection that underscores the banjo’s versatility, although it doesn’t forge any new ground. Dunne’s strength lies in his rich tune choices, and his set featuring Charlie Lennon’s Leitrim Lilter and Vincent Broderick’s The Hare’s Paw is beautifully light-fingered and playful.

He contributes a trio of his own compositions, the first of which, Finian’s Arrival, benefits from his imaginative pairing with Breton flute player Sylvain Barou’s The Silver. Here the arrangements are subtle and unforced, as they are on the opening reel set ring, I’m Waiting for You. Arty McGlynn and David Munnelly seem under-used on guitar and accordion, with Dunne’s banjo tracing a dependable if at times workmanlike path through the tunes.