Southern Tenant Folk Union


The New Farming SceneJohnny Rock Records ***

STFU’s ambitious third album marks a number of major changes for this impressive string band. Songwriter and main man Pat McGarvey has relocated to Edinburgh and the personnel in his combo have taken on a greater Scottish hue. The music has also taken on a more Celtic tinge with McGarvey’s bluegrass-seeped Americana now betraying greater British traditional influences. This album is also something of a concept album in that it is apparently inspired by the work of science fiction author Frank Herbert ( Dune, etc), who foresaw a bleak ecological future. As such, there is a doleful, if compelling tone running through songs such as South Ythsie, Let Me Wipe the Tears From Your Eyes, the title track and Working Never Stays the Same. That said, the high quality playing and vocals ensure that there is much to admire. See

Download tracks:Little Grains of SandSouth Ythsie