Sohn - Rennen album review: First darkness, now light

SOHNRennen ***4AD

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Artist: SOHN
Genre: Electronic
Label: 4AD

Tremors, Christopher Taylor's 2014 debut, introduced a producer with a grand vision of t how nocturnal, melancholic moods and textures could create a certain kind of low-key drama. There is a significant lightness to the pull and push of the second album from the UK producer, now based in California after some years in Vienna, and that's probably as much due to changes in circumstance (he recently became a father) as the effect of any geographical ley lines.

Again and again, Taylor highlights sounds that are more hopeful and optimistic than his previous electronic balladry allowed. Conrad and Primary may deal with such issues as climate change and American political turmoil, respectively, but Taylor wants to remind us and maybe himself that we're better than this, as he notes in the latter.

Throughout, Taylor's switch from darkness to light really grabs your attention, making for an album whose rich colours coat a strong, well-crafted piece of work.