Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory


Elements of LightRough Trade ***

Think you’ve got Pantha du Prince sussed? Think again. Hendrik Weber has temporarily renounced his Berlin techno roots for this series of compositions incorporating a multitude of bells, as the title suggests.

A host of jazz and classical musicians chip in, but their input is largely understated. Weber’s electronica background is more in evidence, giving some texture to the chiming tones and some warmth to the metallic tolling. Elements of Light is at risk of being regarded as a curious oddity – especially the tracks that follow the minimalist opener, Wave – but it settles into a groove with the long meditative passages on Particle and Spectral Split. Unless you’re feeling contemplative, you may find yourself zoning out after a while, but nonetheless this is an interesting sidestep. panthadu

Download:Particle, Spectral Split