Mike WiLL Made-It: Ransom 2 – mixtape magic from Atlanta master-blaster

Ransom 2
    
Artist: Mike WiLL Made-It
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Eardruma/Interscope

Drake may favour the playlist, but Atlanta master-blaster Michael Williams is still down with the idea of the mixtape. The second in the Ransom series – and a release billed as his debut studio album - is chock-a-block with reasons why the producer is a very big deal.

Aside from the astute and distinctive tracks which showcase Williams's trademark trap, snap and crackle, there are cameos from such established bigwigs as Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Future and Pharrell Williams to show the power of his reach.

The musical grit and glory largely comes from the contributions of an increasingly influential cadre of bold-print names such as Migos, Lil Yachty, YG and Young Thug, all shining here on the back of the producer's handiwork. Williams has been instrumental in the rise of Rae Sremmurd and the duo feature on album standout Perfect Pint alongside Lamar and Gucci Mane. mikewillmade.it